Hotel Booking

Always Sunday Safaris is pleased to inform you that your accommodation worries have been put to rest as we offer you hotel booking services.

Through helping you make your hotel booking, Always Sunday Safaris strives to give you the opportunity to utilise your time effeciently to concentrate on more important issues.

We are in contact with several hotels, lodges and guest-houses that can offer you the kind of accommodation you may be in need of ranging from Budget Accommotion through Medium Accommodation to Semi-Luxury Accommodation and Luxury Accommodation at very friendly prices.

All you have to do is just let us know of the type of accommodation you need, your budget and your expectations then leave the rest to us while you enjoy your comfort. We shall keep in touch with you to update you of our progress and if there is anything to be put to your attention.


Always Sunday Safaris is proud to let you know that we offer all kinds of safaris/tours/trips.

These range from short trips to medium trips and long trips, which involve game drives, gorilla tracking, chimpanzee tracking, bird watching, cultural tours, nature walks, swamp walks, rafting on the Nile, mountain climbing/hiking, city tours and many more other activities for all kinds of people be it individuals, business groups, absolute tourists, schools, etcetra to both Locals and International Tourists.

Our packages range from one(1) day tour excursions to several days depending on one's interests and time available at very affordable prices.

You are also provided with the opportunity to create your own tour package that suits your tastes and time available for you to utilise.

We are very flexible in our offers in the name of you; our precious client, getting value for money. Click here for packages offered and prices.

Gorilla Tracking/Gorilla Permits

Gorilla tracking is one of the most exciting activities you should not miss on your list of things you should do in your travel plans. This is because you get the chance to see one of man's closest relatives at the closest distance you can ever imagine (a distance of 7meters!!). You will be impressed by how much there is little difference between human beings and these giant creatures in terms of behavior and social life.

Always Sunday Safaris, at your request, is able to book for you a gorilla permit as well as organise gorilla tracking activities for you to any destination of your choice be it in Uganda (here we have the highland or mountain gorillas) or Rwanda (here we have the lowland gorillas).

Gorilla permits in Uganda cost different prices during the different times of the season. What we are trying to say is that during the low season (April, May and November) the permits are always at half price (USD 350 Dollars) and during the peak (high) season they cost USD 600 Dollars (this is a fixed price set by the Uganda Wildlife Authority).
NB:- Gorilla permits are always booked 2 months in advance and prices can change at anytime since we are not the ones who make them.

We shall always inform you of the current prices.

Chimpanzee Trekking

Just like the gorillas, chimpanzees also are regarded as man's other closest relatives. Chimpanzee tracking, just as gorilla tracking; is another exciting activity you should not miss in your travel plans if you feel gorilla tracking is expensive for you. Chimpanzee tracking is standard at USD 150 Dollars through out the season (this price is only for the permit and does not include any other costs.).

Always Sunday Safaris will plan and organize for you this safari at your request. We shall give you the total cost of the safari and any other necessary information. All you have to do is to let us know of your desires and everything will be organised at the snap of a finger.

Airport Transfer

Always Sunday Safaris values your time you spend with us. That is why we would like to take care of you from the time you jet in until the time you leave for your next destination.

As a result we are pleased to offer you airport transfer services(both airport pickup and airport dropoff) at the start of your safari/tour/trip up to the end of your journey. You don't have to pay any extra costs. You just have to inform us when we should expect you and when you plan to leave.

NB:- This service is also available to anyone who just wants to be picked up from the airport or dropped off in Entebbe or the airport.

Car Hire

If you are the adventurous kind of person, Always Sunday Safaris is the perfect tour partner for you.

We offer car hire services for you of any kind of car of your choice that will enable you achieve your expectations on your wonderful journey.

You have to inform us in time so that we can be able to organize for you a car that will suit your needs.

Get in touch with us if you are interested for further details on how to go about it.

Volunteer Work

Many times we would like to mix work with pleasure. This helps us to make useful contribution without sacrificing our time for pleasure. This is where volunteerism comes in handy.

At Always Sunday Safaris we felt it necessary, through consultations with some of our clients; that it would be important to organise some volunteer activities for those individuals who desire to mix constructive contribution (volunteer) with pleasure (tourism).

Therefore, we connected with some local community organisations that are ready and willing to work with individuals who are interested in volunteering.
Each of these organisations offers activities which are different from the other, which offers alot of opportunities for people with different interests.

If you feel you are interested in this kind of arrangement, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information and details so that we can make this happen.